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Press Filter

Press Filter

Product Introduction
A dewatering equipment relying on pressure of slurry pump including chamber press filter and plate press filter
Filtering Area
Product Improvement
Plastic steel filtering plate, resistance to high temperature and pressure, durable, programmable control, automatic operation

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Our filter press can be used for many mineral grinding,such as gold ore,copper ore,iron ore and zinc ore and so on. When you find xinhai , you find the best mining machinery manufacturers. What you need is what we do.

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Stable performance, high automation, safe and reliable, convenient operation, backwashing operation.

Work Principle

Chamber filter press takes filter cloth as the medium to separate solid and liquid. It is a separating machine with wide rang of particle size. The filter cloth spreads in a filter board surface, it is supported by the swelling groove of filter board, when the filter board is clamped, filter cloth turns to sealing materials, and the cavity between every two filter board forms a separated filter room. During the filter processing, the materials come through the central opening into filter room, the filtrate flow by the feeding pressure, flow out of the filter board after converged. Chamber filter press can be divided into two types according to filtrate discharging ways: open channel flow and under channel flow.

plate and frame press filter separates solid from the liquid in filter form. It is a separating machine with wide rang of particle size. Materials come through the filter room that made up of filter board and filter frame,under the pressure of feeding materials, the filtrate flow through the medium that made up of filter board and filter frame-fiber gap of the filter cloth, arriving at the pattern surface, flow out of the filter board after converged. The solid that left in the filter frame forms filter cake. Plate and frame filter can be divided into two types according to filtrate discharging ways: open channel flow and under channel flow.

Product Structure

The filtering mechanism consists of filter plate, filter frame, filter cloth and squeezing diaphragm. The two sides of the filter plate is coated by cloth. When squeezing diaphragm need to configure, filter plate consists of diaphragm plate and side plate. Chamber press filter as the left chart shown, plate filter as right chart shown

Press Filter

Product Application

Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical industry, metallurgy, standard parts, non-standard screws, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics, oil refining, sewage treatment and other environmental protection industry.

Application of chamber press filter: concentrate filtering, tailings dry stacking, the product particle size reaches -500 mesh.

Application of plate press filter:Powder ore dewatering such as gold, silver, copper, iron, zinc and so on; treatment of tailings dam

Press Filter FAQ

Q:Hi,?are you mining machinery manufacturer?

A:Yes, we can also provide amples test, mine design, equipment manufacture, after-sale service, etc.

Q:which country have your products been exported?

A:Many country, such as India, Ethiopia and so on. And our company has agencies in Zimbabwe, Sudan and Tanzania.

Q:Can you do mineral processing test?

A:Yes, not only can do it in your country, also can back to our company.

Technical Parameters:

Model Filter
Number of Filter Chamber Spec. of Membrane Filter Plate (mm) Filter Cake Thickness (mm) Volume of Filter Chamber (m3) Filter
Overall Dimension (mm) Capacity
KZG100/1500-U 100 26 1500X1500X90 45 2.15 0.5~1.6 8240X3145X2865 12 23220
KZG150/1500-U 150 38 3.17 9820X3145X2865 18 27150
KZG200/1500-U 200 52 4.37 11610X3145X2865 24 31350
KZG250/1500-U 250 64 5.39 13210X3145X2865 30 35150
KZG150/1600-U 150 34 1600X1600X85 40 2.96 0.5~1.6 9360X3240X2965 18 28250
KZG200/1600-U 200 46 4 10910X3240X2965 24 32850
KZG250/1600-U 250 58 5.04 12460X3240X2965 30 37050
KZG300/1600-U 300 70 6.09 14040X3240X2965 36 40060
KZG200/1500X2000-U 200 38 1500X2000X95 45 4.31 0.5~1.6 10330X3165X3200 24 35450
KZG250/1500X2000-U 250 48 5.48 11640X3165X3200 30 38650
KZG300/1500X2000-U 300 58 6.65 12940X3165X3200 36 41750
KZG350/1500X2000-U 350 68 7.82 14380X3165X3200 42 44850
KZG300/2000-U 300 44 2000X2000X95 45 6.93 0.5~1.6 11700X3730X3245 42 42760
KZG400/2000-U 400 58 9.14 13500X3730X3245 55 47960
KZG500/2000-U 500 72 11.16 15530X3730X3245 65 62980
KZG600/2000-U 600 86 13.33 17510X3730X3245 80 68020

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